Watch Real Soldiers Play a Round of Airsoft and Go on an Insane Kill Streak

Airsoft enthusiasts love playing soldier while having fun shooting their buddies without the real gore of real combat. But no matter how good they are at it, their skills are no match against the boys who fight for our freedom in a real battlefield.





To become one of the deadliest people on the planet, soldiers go through one of the most intense training regimens known to man. This makes them highly effective in combat, which puts them in their element when they take out the opposing team in airsoft games.



Kill Streak



An active military group of Slovakian soldiers proved their skills in combat when they went on an insane kill streak at an abandoned facility used for airsoft war games. Their precise shooting ability and the way they moved in to eliminate their targets proved too much to airsoft enthusiasts.



Knife Kill



They didn’t stand a chance.



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