Watch Girls Play Sports In Slow-Motion In This Steamy Video

You know what’s great? Sports and girls so here’s another video that will surely lighten up your day. Watch as these girls work up a sweat in slow-motion and further proves to us that sports and hot woman are a perfect mix. Especially if they’re Playboy models.

She just motivates you to become more active in sports. I think it’s because of her perky… um attitude. Yup, that’s the reason.

Slow-Motion hot sports

The slow-motion video, not surprisingly, was posted by Playboy‘s Youtube channel. The video is definitely for the sports enthusiast, good job Playboy always looking out for the sports fans.

Oh look at that she’s just throwing a ball or something … doesn’t matter. It’s in slow-mo. She’s hot. All is good.
Hot girls play sports

Come to think of it they’re not really playing much of the sport huh?

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