Watch These Mosquito Tornados Spotted Building Up Near Sunset In The Russian City Of Yekaterinburg

They might look like small tornados, but they’re something much much worse.

If there is one thing about summer (besides sunburns) that makes life difficult, it’s mosquitoes. No one likes them and if you say you do I know you’re either lying or you’re a spider. Well, if an isolated mosquito can ruin your evening, what do you think a literal tornado of them are capable of?
mosquito tornado
While mosquito tornado sounds like the name of a terrible punk rock band or made-for-TV Syfy movie, they do actually happen in nature from time to time. They are decidedly rare, and researchers aren’t sure why they happen, but you can bet they are terrifying.
mosquito tornado in russia
That is freaky as hell. Luckily this guy was driving by on the highway rather than walking through the woods. I can’t imagine how horrible coming face-to-face with one of these things must be.

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