Watch What Happens When Sodium Bombs Are Thrown Into a Massive Pool of Orbeez

Backyard experiments are more fun and exciting when they involve blowing up things in a relatively large scale to satisfy our curiosity, like this giant pool filled to the brim with Orbeez.





The guys at TechRax delivered another crazy experiment where they either wreck or blow up things by combining and mixing volatile substances. This time, it involved a large pool of superabsorbent polymers and a highly reactive metal for that explosive effect.






After filling the large pool with Orbeez, the little globs of hydrogels soon absorbed all the water and filled the pool to the brim. And when they finally immersed the sodium metal bars into the pool, the explosion was instantaneous, scattering pieces of Orbeez like shrapnel from a bomb, even hitting the drone shooting the footage.



Sodium Bomb



I’ll give this a seven out of ten stars for not using more sodium metal bars.



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