Watching Dr. Pimple Popper Removing a Mask of Stubborn Blackheads Is Oddly Satisfying

Blackheads are pesky skin conditions that can be easily removed if done right, but for this elderly man, it wasn’t that simple.

When an old man decided to have a severe case of blackheads removed, he made the right choice when he booked an appointment with Dr. Sandra ‘Pimple Popper’ Lee. Apparently, his years immersed in an environment of handling aviation fuel has given him an extreme case of solar comedones from a Favre-Racouchot syndrome, which is a fancy name for stubborn blackheads embedded in damaged skin around the eyes.

Blackhead Mask

Dubbed ‘The Masked Man,’ Dr. Lee expertly removed the stubborn AF blackheads around his eyes, which took a couple of visits to take them all out completely.

Blackhead Removal

Disgusting, but oddly hypnotic to watch.

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