Watching This Woman Casually Eat An Ice Cream Cone With Her Hands Will Make You Uncomfortable

We all have our strange quirks, some might find it hard to sleep without a night light, others sneeze when they’re nervous or find it hard not to wear a cartoon character shirt. Well, this woman probably has the strangest of them all.

The video you are about to see is something far more unsettling than a Dr. Pimple Popper video, that’s right — this woman has a strange way when it comes to eating a cone of ice cream. While most people would opt to eat the cone with their mouths, this woman chooses to do it with her hands.

Woman Eats Ice Cream With Nails

Watch as she casually cups a small amount of ice cream, then chows it down like it was popcorn. I bet her long nails are their so she can easily scoop up the vanilla goodness of that ice cream.

Woman Eats Ice Cream With Her Hands

This is so unnatural to look at.

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