Weatherman’s Tip On How To Instantly Defrost Your Car Windscreen Will Save You This Winter

We’ve all been in that predicament, stepping out of your house only to find that your car had frozen over, complete with icicles on the wings and mirror.

Depending what tools you are equipped with, the task could take you quite some time and will probably leave you with wet sleeves, frozen fingers, and a general hatred for anything winter.

Clear Frost From Your Car

Well this weatherman from Tennessee’s WATE 6 News has just solved all your problems with a magic solution that you can make from some ingredients you’ll have at home. He explains that all you need is some water and alcohol to erase your ice problems away. By adding 2/3 parts Isopropyl/Rubbing alcohol and 1/3 parts water mixed together in a spray bottle, you can easily say good by to deicing problems forever.

Spray Bottle And Frost Is Gone

Thank you, weather man!

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