Woman Being Hugged By Two Lions She Raised As Cubs Is Heartwarming And Terrifying

Those who you care for will remember your kindness. This may apply to humans and animals you help along the way.


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But sometimes, these things are more memorable when it happens with animals. Like in the case of a woman from Switzerland and two lions!

This woman took care of two small lion cubs before. But naturally, while they were getting older it was difficult to maintain them. So the government decided to put the two beautiful creatures in the zoo. After 7 years of not seeing them, the woman decided to drop by to the zoo.




Of course, there is little chance of these animals remembering her for so long. It was 7 years that they spent apart. She might not look like the same woman that took care of them. But then when she stood in front of the green gate, the two lions saw her.




An incredible moment takes place when the lions started running toward her. No, not to maul her or eat her but to embrace her. These fearsome creatures became meek kitten-like felines when they were reunited with their mama.

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