Woman Dies After Tiger Drags a Family Member Away from Car During Family Row at China Safari Park

With animals roaming free at safari parks, these places are always a more fun trip than going to the zoo, but it is absolutely imperative to stay inside your vehicles.

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A woman was dragged away by a tiger after getting out of the car during a family trip to a safari park in China, leading to serious injuries and the death of another.

Out of Car

According to reports, the woman was having an argument with a man driving the car when she decided to get out, unaware that a large tiger was out in the same area at the Badaling Wildlife World, near The Great Wall. The young woman was immediately snatched and dragged away, before the man and a middle-aged woman tried to run after her.

Snatched by Tiger

Park officials managed to rescue the family, with the younger woman sustaining serious injuries, but the older woman perished after being eaten alive during the encounter.

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