Woman Discovers Chilling Footage Appearing To Show Her Maid Possessed And Acting Like The Creature From Horror Film The Ring

This video shows the chilling moment a maid is caught on camera appearing to be possessed by evil spirits.


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Employer Nurul Baker checked back surveillance cameras after spotting her maid acting bizarrely last Wednesday. She was horrified to see her in a creepy white dress walking around ‘like a zombie’ bent forward with her hands behind her back.


maid possessed like the ring caugt camera


The footage taken at Ms Baker’s apartment in Singapore has gone viral, leaving some viewers terrified while others believe the maid was faking it so she could leave the job. But viewers believed the black-haired maid had staged the haunting footage to try and return to her home country.


maid possessed caught on cctv


Justin Chen commented Did you notice she does this at where the camera is facing? She’s not doing it near the balcony or partially hidden. She knows where the camera is facing, and she wants you to see this. Still, it is unsettling to know your maid does this. It seems, she doesn’t want to work for you anymore. Better let her go, you do not want her to escalate her antics in order to leave your employment. I’m sure you do not want her to spike your drinks or food.


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