Woman In A Bra Uses Her CLEAVAGE To Stop A Spinning Disc In Front Of Stunned Children

A bizarre video has emerged online showing a scantily clad woman using her cleavage to stop a spinning disc.



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Her audience were apparently a group of children, who seemed to be stunned by her performance. The woman, wearing a bra and a mini skirt, appeared to be holding her breasts near the fast-spinning object before pressing them on the disc to make it stop.

woman stop a spinning disc using her cleavage


In the video, the woman indicated the children at the side to clap their hands. One man could be heard saying ‘one, two, three’ in the background as the woman started the stunt. The woman seemingly pressed her breasts on the disc for three seconds before letting go.

woman in bra stop spinning disc using her cleavage


However, web users doubted whether or not the video had been edited or was staged. After watching a slowed-down version of the footage, people discovers that the woman’s stunt does seem to be staged. In a split second, the disc has already stopped but the woman is still leaning against the object and her breasts are yet to touch it.



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