Woman Is Caught On Video Beating Victim With Knuckleduster

Shocking footage has emerged of a woman beating a victim with a knuckleduster after accusing her of sleeping with her father. In the video a woman was filmed repeatedly punching the victim who tried to protect herself on the ground. The attacker was heard repeatedly calling the woman a ‘prostitute’.





As she hit the victim with the knuckleduster the woman shouted ‘this is what you do to prostitutes’. She then warned the woman not to touch her father again before kicking her in the stomach and the face. Lying injured on the floor the woman shouted ‘get off me!’

Woman is caught on video


The attacker then dragged the woman by the hair and again screamed ‘this is what you do to prostitutes.’ As the video came to an end, the attacker told the woman ‘touch my father again and I will f***ing kill you’ before screaming ‘prostitute’.

Woman is caught on video beating victim


She added, ‘Don’t make me come back because I’ll kill you.’ It’s unclear where the video was filmed but it is thought one of the women is from Cambridgeshire. Cambridgeshire Police have been contacted for a response.



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