Woman Kicks Out Husband’s Sidechick Without Her Clothes Out of Their Flat After Catching Them Red-Handed

Of all the places you’ll get caught cheating, your own house is definitely one of the worst.

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This is certainly an affair this mistress will never forget after being caught in bed with the man she was having an affair with by the wife inside the couple’s own flat in Bangkok, Thailand.


The wife found the pair doing the nasty on the sofa after returning home and finding a pair of shoes outside. She angrily yelled at the 24-year-old woman while her husband was trying to explain he’s not with her. The alleged mistress was eventually kicked out door without her clothes, but the man was kind enough to pass the crying woman her things as she cowered along the hallway.

Kicked Out

You know what they say, ‘never sh*t where you eat.’

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