Woman Makes The Worst Decision of Her Life By Jumping To The Tiger’s Fence To Save Her Hat

This is the shocking moment a woman jumped a tiger fence at Toronto zoo in order to retrieve a hat she had dropped over the edge.

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Footage of the incident shows the woman, who appears to be young, walking next to the tiger enclosure as the deadly animal paces around agitated with nothing but thin wire separating them.
woman jumps tiger fence
The new footage begins as the red-shirted woman has already vaulted the outer fence around the tiger enclosure before dropping down into a ditch in front of the main tiger cage.
Meanwhile the tiger, clearly agitated, paces along the edge of its enclosure just inches away from the man, leaping up on its hind paws to look at him through the wire. As the woman climbs back up to a raised walkway with other visitors on it, a man with his children can be heard calling her a ‘moron’. Later, there seemed to be an argument between the man and the woman.

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