Woman Plunge Straight Into Water Fountain Because She’s Too Busy Staring At Her Mobile Phone

The large pool lies right in the middle of a Beijing shopping mall but she doesn’t spot it.

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The video, filmed by a security camera at a Beijing shopping mall, shows the woman striding away while focusing all her attention on her phone.
The woman is seen gazing at her mobile phone
Despite the large pool lying right in the middle of the Beijing mall’s wide corridor, the distracted lady shows no sign of noticing it. She realizes too late that it was there when she catches the edge and falls headlong into the freezing waters.
The unfortunate woman plunges headlong into the water
She manages to quickly scramble to her feet, grab her belongings and clamber out of the fountain soaking wet. Then realizing the embarrassing incident has been caught on camera, she covers her face and quickly scurries away.

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