Woman scares her boyfriend with Halloween makeup

This is the moment a girl pranked her boyfriend by waking him up to her lips ‘sewn together’. Natalie Weaver couldn’t resist trying out her new skills in a hilarious Halloween prank on her unsuspecting other half.



The 23-year-old practised a Halloween make-up look where she used body latex, tissue paper and stitching to make her lips appear sewn together.




As her boyfriend, Stephen Hall, was sleeping upstairs, Natalie decided to go and surprise him – entering their bedroom whining ‘babe, my face’.

Stephen, 27, was so shocked that he immediately started screaming and quickly changed his caring tones to ferociously jumping around the bed in a bid to get away from her.




Natalie, a manager, had been browsing the internet for Halloween make-up tutorials to gain inspiration for her costume at the end of the month. After finishing her first attempt she decided to head upstairs to show her unsuspecting boyfriend who was asleep.

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