Woman Taking the Trash Out Narrowly Escapes Death When Tree Almost Falls on Her in Scary Near Miss

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing at that moment; when it’s time to go, you’re a goner. But if you’re not there yet, you just might have a harrowing near miss like this.





A woman was almost crushed to death when a tree fell towards her direction while walking to a dumpster to take out the trash.



Falling Tree



She was totally unaware a tree was already coming towards her as she casually walked towards the dumpster, missing her by mere inches as it landed hard on the ground. Amazingly, she just did what she had to do there and walked away like it’s no big deal. Apparently, this clip was used as a commercial for Australian liquor store Sip N’ Save, with the slogan, ‘That was close. So are we.’



Near Miss



She was probably even drunk when it happened.



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