Woman Uses Menstruation Blood For Facial

A self-proclaimed ‘blood witch’ has vowed to break down the stigma surrounding periods – by giving herself a facial using her menstruation.



Former hairdresser Yazmina Jade, 26, this week collected the blood from her time of the month and painted it onto her face in a ‘sacred ritual.’

Now, the feminine healer, based in the Gold Coast, Australia, has released footage of her ceremony in a quest to prove the menstrual cycle is nothing to be ashamed of.


Woman Uses Menstruation Blood For Facial


And she’s hitting back at haters who have accused her of being ‘sick’ and ‘mental’ on social media – claiming she has never felt better than after her defiant menstrual show.

Yazmina believes menstrual cycles are mired in shame and confusion in the modern day and are still widely considered to be secret ‘women’s business’.


Yazmina Jade wants to reconnect with nature by demonstrating the 'power' of period blood


By thrusting her facial into the public eye, she wants women to know they don’t have to manage their periods privately and discretely.

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