Women survives when bungee jump goes wrong and she dramatically face-plants in Bolivia

A bungee jumper crashed into a shallow river as the daredevil stunt went horrifically wrong.


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The woman jumped from a bridge, but instead of bouncing back away from the ground, she slammed into it. Remarkably she survived without any broken bones. It is believed that the rope she used for the jump was too long.


She gets ready to throw herself off the bridge


Distressing footage of the jump captured the sound of a crash as the woman smacked into the bed of the shallow river below the bridge. She was left unable to move and could only open her eyes after the accident as witnesses called for help and two went into the water to help her.


The woman had posed for photographs standing on the bridge, and is seen in video footage looking excited as organizers started a countdown before she takes the plunge.


The girl crashed into the shallow river as the 'rope was too long'


The terrifying moment was recorded on the La Negra 2 bridge on the road between Santa Cruz and Cocabamba, in central Bolivia.


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