‘Worst reversing fail ever’ as pensioner takes 10 frustrating attempts to back up on straight road

A pensioner took TEN attempts to back up on a straight road in what has been branded the ‘worst reversing ever’.


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An exasperated lorry driver filmed the hapless motorist as he tried in vain to maneuver his vehicle out the way for more than three minutes.




Glenn Avery was travelling up the single track road in North Devon last Friday with a friend when they came head to head with the pensioner.

Since the 41-year-old had a trailer attached to the back of his lorry he could not reverse however there was a clear passing point only a few yards behind the elderly driver’s Vauxhall Combo van.




Embarrassing footage shows the man repeatedly veer into the embankment as he tries to reverse down the straight road and he is forced to open his door to look behind him.

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