Wrong place to rob! Thief tries to steal from a gym but is chased out by jiu-jitsu students who heard screams for help

A would-be robber in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil chose the wrong scene for a heist – after attempting to steal from a martial arts academy. CCTV from the incident shows a young man entering the gym and jumping a turnstile after arguing with the receptionist.



Several seconds later, the man is seen jumping back over the turnstile, chased by several jiu-jitsu students dressed in uniforms.




The woman behind the counter later told local media the man had asked her for directions, but she grew suspicious and would not help him. He then demanded her phone and jumped behind the counter when she would not hand it over. The pair struggled, and according to the receptionist, the man threatened to kill her so she screamed for help.




She was heard by a jiu-jitsu class, and some 15 students and their teacher came to her aid, forcing the thief to flee. The thief left with her mobile phone, but she was not harmed during the fight.

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