Young Buck With Dreadful Timing Crosses A Road Straight Into A Pride Of Lions

These group of lions were jumping for joy after a young buck’s attempt to leap over the pride ended miserably for the young dear. The charging buck came hurtling towards the group of lucky lions, who wasted no time in dragging the animal to the floor and sinking their teeth in.





The buck can be seen struggling as the four lions hold down the animal, tearing it apart as they share the meal between them. The incident was witnessed and filmed by Hannes Beeslar, a teacher in Nelspruit, South Africa.

Young buck with dreadful timing crosses a road


Describing the events, A pride of lions suddenly appeared out of the bushes and started walking on the road. They did this for about for about 5km. Two of the lions then went into the bush and started chasing a buck towards the remaining lions on the road. The buck leaped and bounced across the road straight into the jaws of the unsuspecting lions. This was a quick and easy meal for them.

Young buck with dreadful timing crosses a road straight into a pride of lions


After the female lions had eaten their share, a giant male with a bushy main comes over and roars at them, forcing them to scarper as he digs into the buck himself.



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