YouTuber uses a peel-off face mask on her entire body – and the results are horrifying

Peeling off a face mask can be a pretty unpleasant experience – but imagine stripping one off your entire body? We expect the pain factor would go through the roof, especially if you hadn’t had a recent wax.



“Brave” YouTuber Nicole Skyes decided she’d give it a go – and we’re pretty sure she probably lived to regret it.


The American vlogger smothered her body in a thick, charcoal blackhead mask, applying the tar-like gunge head to toe. Though ironically, she decided to leave her face clear.


YouTuber Nicole Skyes coated herself in a blackhead face mask – and then peeled it off


She then filmed herself trying to peel off the hardened mask – cue around seven minutes of total torture. Wearing a crop top and tiny shorts, Nicole started off by smearing the shiny black substance on her arms. She swiftly moved on to her stomach and legs, getting her helper to smooth it over her back.


When it came to peeling it off her tummy, Nicole yelped with pain


Nicole used four bottles of blackhead peel to coat her body and a hairdryer to speed up the hardening process.
Two hours later she admitted she was beginning to think it was a “horrible idea” as the peel had “crusted” and gone “super tight”, making her skin red and painful.


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